Rumble Cloud Beta

Rumble Cloud is offering a Beta Partner program to enable partners to conduct live trials, provide feedback, work side by side with our world class Rumble engineers, and contribute to continuing improvement of our infrastructure, applications, documentation, training, and internal processes. All of this, while enjoying the cost benefits of participating in a beta program.

All applicants will need to fill out this form and we will get back to you quickly.

For the most part, no, Rumble will not charge Beta partners. Partners may incur charges to cover Rumble costs which extend past current Beta capacity. These charges will be discussed and agreed to by Partner and Rumble in advance of product purchase, implementation, and billing.

Yes, we are looking for Beta Partners in the US and Canada only, for now. Other locations are TBD at this point.

Accepted Beta partners will have access to the world class technology behind the hugely successful and Rumble social video application, that we are now leveraging for Rumble Cloud. For the Beta program, please note that there is no SLA, guaranteed uptime, availability, or restore to service timeline. We recommend you have a solid backup and a quick method to rollover to your backup if needed. Or use the Rumble Cloud Beta as your backup. You will also get to work with our product team and our world class engineers, as we fine tune our offering for availability to the public.

  • Compute
  • Storage
  • Network
  • Orchestration
  • DNS
  • IPs
  • CDN

No, we will not be compliant for HIPAA, GDRP, PCI, or FEDRAMP.

Details of our public offering of Rumble Cloud will be forthcoming soon.

You will be given access to live help, videos, and documentation on our help website.

Email your questions to

We do not have an exact date right now, but our expectation of public availability for subscription is in 2024. Make sure to sign up for email notices here.